What do we do?
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The Youth Justice Committee Panel meetings are a community response to dealing with youth crime.

Victims of youth crime are encouraged to participate when they feel comfortable to do so. Victim participation is purely voluntary.

We offer an informal setting to talk to the offender in a respectful manner. We do not offer a Justice or Healing Circle at this time.

For those Victims that want to participate – we encourage you to consider what you would like to say or write with respect to how this incident has impacted you:

We offer 3 options for Victims who wish to participate:

  1. Attend the Panel meeting arranged for the Youth. (All those who participate must agree to confidentiality regarding information disclosed at the meeting.)
    • A unique opportunity to talk to the youth who committed the crime.
    • Receive answers to questions about the offence that only the youth can provide.
    • Explain to the youth – the impact of their actions.
    • Let the youth see the you (the victim) as a person.

  2. Submit a written Impact Statement.
    • Express in your own words what impact the incident has had.
    • Victims are welcome to attend the Panel Session and submit a written impact statement if they wish.

  3. Share their feelings with the Panel Coordinator who can record them in the Youth’s file.
    • Allows for the Panel Members to know some details about the impact this youth’s actions has had on the victim.


For a copy of the Victim Impact Statement to print and fill out, please click here.